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How much does is the entrance ticket?

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge for everyone:

Where can I obtain my ticket?

Ticket can be downloaded from the reserved area of each visitor - individual and groups - as of Monday 14 November. Download and place your ticket or show it the entrance to the event on your smartphone.

How can I find out if I've registered everyone in my group?

You can check whether tickets for other participants have been generated by visiting the “Your group tickets” section. If the list includes all the names entered during the registration stage, then all participants have been registered correctly. If some names do not appear, simply add them manually to “Your profile” page by entering name, surname and e-mail address for every participant not listed through the “Manually enter data of other participants in your group" section.

Who should I contact to book a visit and how?

Registration for all visitors – individual or organised in groups – must be made online and is available through this link

How can I make a reservation as an Institute or should single student register for an individual ticket?

Individual and group registration are both possible. This link allows registration for school groups. Every student be registered through name, surname and e-mail address and will then have their own individual ticket. In order to facilitate entry of this data, an import function is also available. For more details, see the specific FAQs about group registration below.

How many registrations can I make with a single e-mail address?

In line with Covid-19 prevention requirements, everyone accessing the event must possess an entrance ticket indicating their name, surname and e-mail address. Registration of school groups can be made through a single registration listing all members of the group, indicating the name, surname and e-mail address of each individual participant on the main registration page. Alternatively, every participant can register independently.

Must parents/accompanying persons also register?

Yes. In line with Covid-19 prevention requirements, everyone accessing the event must possess a personal entrance ticket. 

What is the procedure for access by persons under 13 years of age?

In accordance with Regulation EU 2016/679 (so-called GDPR-Privacy Law), persons under 13 years of age cannot register with any IT platform. For this reason, in order to access the event, such persons concerned must go to the Exhibition Ticket Office accompanied by a parent or guardian and register in person. However, parents and guardians will be able to pre-register online and download their own tickets.

Should participants have a Green Pass?

On the basis of currently applicable Covid-19 prevention regulations, a Green Pass is not needed to access the event.

What exactly does online attendance involve?

Registration for online attendance allows:
1) access to all the online exhibitor showcases, simulating in-person stand visits;
2) request one-to-one remote appointments with exhibitors who have activated the service;
3) enjoy streaming events and remote webinars.

Out of the three opening days, is one day more suitable for entire classes to attend?

Exhibitors will be on hand in Halls 6 and 7 on all three days of the event; the programme of conferences and activities is differentiated during the event, so it's advisable to consult it before choosing the day for your visit.

Will an attendance certificate be issued?

Yes. The certificate will be made available for download via each visitor's reserved area on the day of the visit after 18:00 (after 16:30 on Saturday For visits in online mode, downloading the certificate will be activated after any interaction with the virtual showcases or following connection with a cultural event.
Moreover, the Ministry of Education has authorized exemption from service for teachers at institutions of all levels (MI Authorization Prot. N. AOODGPER/0032267).

Is the certificate valid for training credits?

The assignment of credits for training activities depends on individual institutes. Attending JOB&Orienta entitles you to an attendance certificate. The reference school will evaluate whether to make the certificate also valid for assigning training credits.

Where can visitors with reduced or impaired motor skills access the event?

Access points for the disabled are available at the San Zeno and Re Teodorico entrances. For information about how to access, visit this page

Where can I view my events agenda?

All appointments - in person or streaming - for which each visitor has signed up are visible in the reserved area, after login, in the "Your visit" section.