Vocational Training

This pathway is intended for students and adults who want to upgrade their professional skills and understand the skills required by the labour market. Ample space is also given to Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) throughout Italy. Established in close connection with the economic and productive vocations of an area, they train new and high-level technical and technological skills to meet companies’ needs for innovation.

  • Regional Authorities presenting excellent training organisations
  • ITS - Higher Technical Institutes throughout Italy
  • Vocational training organisations
  • armed forces and police forces for military careers
  • workshops at stands with the opportunity to try out all kinds of occupations and trades


Who is it for?

  • secondary school students
  • recent school leavers
  • recent university graduates
  • adults wanting to retrain professionally


What activities does the pathway offer?

  • show cooking and tastings
  • make-up and hair styling
  • flight simulations
  • digital graphics - 3D videos
  • digital painting
  • augmented reality
  • eye examinations
  • visual merchandising
  • live sketch comics
  • fashion styling
The exhibitors of this pathway
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