Jobs and Higher Education

Proposals for master courses and other higher education courses, internships, work experiences and job opportunities, services and projects to promote youth entrepreneurship and self-employment, presented by organisations and institutions, companies and cooperatives. Young adults and adults searching for vocational training, job retraining or employment can also meet companies during the recruiting phase and have career guidance interviews.

  • national and local institutions
  • companies offering jobs
  • organisations providing master courses
  • trade associations
  • organisations promoting youth entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • entities organising managerial training


Who is it for?

  • university students and recent university graduates
  • secondary school students and recent school leavers seeking employment
  • adults wanting to retrain


What activities does the pathway offer?

  • career guidance interviews
  • youth entrepreneurship simulations
  • recruiting
  • role-playing
  • CV collection
  • direct meetings with entrepreneurs
  • careers guidance and training workshops on the world of work
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