Foreign Languages, Tourism and Mobility

JOB&Orienta has an international outlook. It therefore presents an overview of foreign language courses, internship and work opportunities abroad, global mobility services and projects, as well as proposals for educational trips and visits presented by organisations and companies in various sectors:

  • tour operators, nature parks and amusement parks
  • museums and hospitality facilities for school tourism
  • host organisations involved in school-work alternation projects
  • language schools, institutes and organisations that organise language courses and study/work experience abroad promoting international mobility
  • advisory and assistance services for studying abroad


Who is it for?

  • teachers interested in tourist itineraries and school-work alternation programmes for their classes
  • language teachers
  • upper secondary school students and university students interested in improving their language skills, undertaking an internship or a study or work experience abroad


What activities does the pathway offer?

  • study trips abroad, opportunities for stays and holidays
  • internship, training and job opportunities abroad
  • language courses
  • activities at exhibition stands to test your language skills and get a taste of the world of work
  • study year abroad
  • guidance and assistance for those wanting to study abroad
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