Why participate in JOB&Orienta? Find out for yourself!
Happy birthday JOB&Orienta
The most important Italian exhibition of orientation, work and training turns 30!

For 30 years, JOB&Orienta has been the reference event for school, university, orientation, training and work with over 70,000 visitors in attendance, 300 cultural events, 100,000 virtual visitors.

Building on its experience, for the year 2021, JOB & Orienta applies new technologies and web innovation to propose a digital and face-to-face formula to increase the visibility of the exhibits.

Take part in the largest sector event, take part at JOB&Orienta.




Who's it for?
Six pathways for six exhibition areas


Education and Schools

Public and private secondary schools, teacher training organisations, local and national institutions, associations, organisations, cooperatives, NGOs, sports federations, police forces, organisations promoting educational and awareness-raising campaigns on citizenship, the environment and sustainability, cooperation, voluntary work, food, road safety, public assistance...

Foreign Languages, Tourism and Mobility

Tour operators, museum networks, nature parks, amusement parks, companies operating in the tourism sector and tourist boards, as well as institutes and schools specialising in foreign language teaching and organisations offering study trips, internships and a study year abroad.


Teacher Training and Innovative Educational Methods

Manufacturers and retailers of innovative teaching tools, organisations that promote the correct and conscious use of technologies in schools and among young people, publishing houses and media in the sector, organisations dealing with communication and multimedia in schools, websites and information portals.


Academies and Universities

Many Italian and foreign universities, institutes and academies are showcased at the event. Here, they have the opportunity to present their study programmes and syllabuses, curricular and extra-curricular activities, and propose mock admission tests to various faculties.


Jobs and Higher Education

Companies (also in the recruiting phase), trade associations, employment agencies, job centres, private employment companies, organisations promoting youth enterprises and self-employment, schools offering master and specialisation courses, higher education institutions and organisations.

Vocational Training

Regional authorities, schools and vocational training bodies, higher technical institutes (ITS) throughout Italy, etc.: a review of jobs, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and related training courses to acquire the required skills. And in addition, proposals from the armed forces and police forces.



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25-27 November 2021
San Zeno entrance - Veronafiere - Viale del Lavoro, 8 - 37135 Verona