Education, School and Teacher Training

JOB&Orienta offers students, families and teachers a broad overview of training courses for first and second level secondary schools, alongside institutions and associations. Since the key element for innovation in the education system is teacher training, the event offers teachers and managers targeted opportunities for their own permanent training. The activities on offer also include educational projects and awareness campaigns focusing on social and environmental issues, sport and healthy lifestyles.

  • organizations offering teacher training courses
  • national and local institutions with ideas for teachers and students
  • second grade secondary schools
  • sector associations providing services for teachers
  • entities involved in improving awareness of environmental and social issues
  • sporting federations
  • voluntary associations
  • educational workshops

Who's it for?

  • students
  • teachers of all levels keen to expand their personal and professional training
  • young people interested in social issues
  • lower secondary school students interested in higher education opportunities
  • families


What the activities are included in the course?

  • permanent training
  • training and refresher appointments covering various topics related to teaching
  • road safety education through enjoyable educational experiences
  • environmental education
  • sport and leisure
  • orientation interviews covering study and training/work choices
  • road safety
  • public emergency aid


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