Academies and Universities

Degree courses, career guidance services and the right to study, presented by a large number of universities, institutes and academies, based in Italy and abroad. Each institution will illustrate its programmes, syllabuses, curricular and extra-curricular activities, as well as offering mock admission tests to the various faculties.

  • Italian and foreign public and private universities
  • academies and institutes of art, fashion and design
  • appointments for admission test simulations
  • Cittadella delle Università Straniere: an area dedicated to universities based abroad
  • organisations specialised in helping students choose a foreign university and in admission procedurese

Who is it for?

  • upper secondary school students
  • recent school leavers
  • 3-year first-cycle graduates


What activities does the pathway offer?

  • career guidance interviews
  • aptitude tests
  • assistance in choosing a foreign universitya
  • information on admission procedures
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